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MRI refers to Magnetic Resonance Imaging it is a test that uses powerful magnets, radio waves, and a computer to make detailed pictures inside your body. Your doctor can use this test to diagnose you or to see how well you have responded to treatment. MRI Test is a painless test and safe test that can provide detailed pictures of organs and other structures inside your body. MRI includes MRI Brain, MRI Head, MRI Facial Bones, MRI Spine, MRI Knee, MRI Thyroid Plain, etc. Abihcare Diagnostic Provides One of the Best MRI Scan Centre in Patna.


CT Scan is also called a CAT Scan. CAT Scan refers to a computerized tomography scan. It typically combines multiple rotating x-rays along with hi-end computerized processing to produce a more detailed picture of the inner structures of a body. CT Scan includes the spine, heart, head, chest, abdomen, knee, etc. If you are searching for the ct scan test center in Anishabaad Patna. We provide a ct scan test at a low cost. our team has more than 10+ years of experience in this field. Abihcare Diagnostic Provides One of the Best CT Scan Services in Patna.


Pet Scan refers to the position emission tomography. This test is for people who fight from cancer disease. During this test, a small dosage of a radioactive tracer is injected into the body. The uptake o the tracer is measured by the PET Scan component of PET/CT Scan, to highlight and mark most cancers. It is the whole body pet ct scan. By this test, we can find cancer where is in your body. Abihcare Diagnostic Provides One of the Best SPECT /PET CT Services in Patna.


Abihcare Diagnostic is offering multiple digital x-ray tests in Patna. We operate digital x-ray tests at the lowest cost in Patna. It is a painless way for clinicians we provide image quality service and accurate reports. View More


Ultrasound refers to the high-frequency sound that you cannot hear but it can be emitted and detected by using the latest technology machines. It travels freely through fluid and soft tissues. It is the safest way of looking inside the human body. This test is harmless to the human body. we have experienced radiologists for ultrasound tests. we provide multiple types of ultrasound tests like the whole abdomen, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, ultrasound chest, ultrasound pelvis, ultrasound neck, ultrasound shoulder, ultrasound breast, etc. our ultrasound test cost is reasonable. Abihcare Diagnostic is one of the Best Diagnostic Centre in Patna and the Best Ultrasound Centre in Anishabaad. View More


PFT refers to Pulmonary Function Testing System for spirometry and diffusion abnormality assessment facility. Abihcare Diagnostic provides this test service on an advanced pulmonary function testing system. This machine is the best of its kind and is amongst the first few in the country unlike regular PFT Systems, this machine is capable of not only screening but actual diagnosis as well. It is a real-time temperature and accurate and precise results. It is unaffected by temperature, heat or humidity. There is the most patient-friendly and most hygienic system. Abihcare Diagnostic provides Best Pulmonary function test (PFT) in Patna at a very low Cost.


Abihcare Diagnostic offers lab tests at a low cost. we provide these lab tests like ECG, X-RAY, Cardiac Angiography, MRI, CT Scan etc. Our service is available at 24*7. our main aim is to provide a satisfying service to our patients. Our team is well experienced in this field.


Abihcare Diagnostic provides the cardiology tests service in Patna. The various tests done are to understand and diagnose diseases, injuries or acquired abnormalities of the heart. This testing activity is for heart and shows abnormal rhythms and can sometimes detect heart muscle damage. This test is done to monitor the heart while walking on a treademill. we also monitor your breathing and blood pressure. Stress tests may be used to detect coronary artery disease. This test can also be done using special medicines that stress the heart in a similar manner as exercise does. View More

Colour Doppler

Colour Doppler is a duplex ultrasound to see how the blood moves through our arteries and veins. The test combines traditional ultrasound with Doppler ultrasonography. Regular Ultrasound uses sound waves that are bounce off from blood vessels to create pictures. Doppler looks at how sound waves are reflected from moving objects, such as blood. It is the duplex ultrasound of abdomen examines blood vessels and blood flow in the abdominal area. It is the renal duplex ultrasound examine the kidneys. Abihcare Diagnostic provides Best Colour Doppler Ultrasound Test in Patna. View More


Uroflow Study is also known as Urodynamic flow study as well as the uroflowmetry test. Uroflowmetry is a simple, diagnostic screening procedure used to calculate the flow rate of urine over time. The main purpose of this test is to evaluate urination and its flow. For this test no need for any special preparation. we offer this test service at a low cost. our service is available at 24*7.


EEG refers to the electroencephalogram test. It is a non-invasive test that records electrical patterns in your brain. This test used to find the problems related to electrical activity of the brain. EEG Test generally used to help diagnose conditions like head injuries, dizziness, headaches, sleeping problems etc. The procedure for EEG Test, A small metal discs with thin wires are placed on the scalp and then transfer the signals to a computer to record the electrical activity. For EEG Test wash your hair the night before the EEG Test, don’t put any products in your hair on the day of the test and also avoid the eating or drinking anything having caffeine for atleast 8 hours before the EEG Test. View More

If you are searching for the full body test center in Anishabaad Patna. We provide a full body test at a low cost. our team has more than 10+ years of experience in this field. Abihcare Diagnostic Provides One of the Best test Services in Patna.


Abihcare Diagnostic is one of the most trusted, one-stop solutions for all complex pathology tests. We believe that the accurate diagnosis of a health issue is vital for further treatment, and the results of lab tests are the backbone for an effective treatment plan. You should keep track of your health by booking a test online and getting yourself treated timely. Approachthe best Pathology & Home Collection Service In Patna. View More

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